An introduction to onefiveparfait

Hi minna! (everyone)

My name is TK (onefiveparfait). I’m just another unknown, self-taught programmer, and computer science student, who spends entirely too much time watching anime and playing videogames. When I’m not feeling particularly lazy or mindlessly occupied doing other things, I love to code <3. I have a seemingly endless amount of projects that I’ve started…and procrastinated…then worked on again…and finally committed (and even more that I have yet to start…uguu).

As for this blog, I plan on using it to share my experiences with coding, linux, and whatever else I find interesting or useful enough to actually write about.

Well it looks like this post ended up being pretty short but “shikata ga nai” as they say in Japan (probably…I wouldn’t know :P). So until I find the motivation to actually post again, ja ne ~


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